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How to Choose Glasses for Your Face Shape?

Do you know your face shape? Do you want to find the perfect glasses for your face shape? Read this article to find the right glasses for your face shape!

You most likely have one of the following face shapes: oval, square, round, diamond.

Round faces: There are many glasses shapes that suit round faces. We recommend using clear, crisp frames to enhance the lines of the face and complement the lines the face. We recommend rectangular, square, and oval frames.

Square faces: The face line of a square face is relatively tough, we can use a round frame to make the face more rounded. We recommend oval, round and large frames.

Oval face: If you have an oval face, congratulations, you can match almost any frame, try all kinds of trendy colors, try all styles, because the oval face is the most ideal and classic shape. But our only advice is to steer clear of the cramped frame.

Diamond Face: The best shape for your face shape is a frameless or oval frame with thick brow lines that accentuate your facial features. We recommend fun and trendy frames such as cat-eye, horn or browline frames.

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